Important organisations


The Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur was founded in 1932. The organisation is now officially called the International Basketball Federation, but it is more commonly known by its original acronym of ‘FIBA.’ FIBA’s motto, “We are basketball,” is no empty boast: the organisation is now associated with over 200 countries and is responsible for formulating the rules which govern play in many leagues all over the world. The organisation is also responsible for supervising the transfer of athletes across countries, and for appointing international referees. The original President of FIBA was none other than Dr James Naismith, the man credited with inventing the sport.

The website contains:

  • Information about international competitions
  • FIBA rules and regulations
  • An on-line store selling FIBA merchandise
  • Team and player statistics

FIBA Europe

FIBA Europe is the governing body for basketball in Europe. Regional affiliates of FIBA also exist for Africa, the Americas, Oceania and Asia. The role of FIBA Europe is to “develop and control” basketball in Europe. The organisation supervises competition at the national and club levels. It is also responsible for appointing international referees in Europe. There are currently 51 national basketball federations affiliated with FIBA Europe.

The website offers:

  • Information about the role of the organisation
  • Up to date information including fixtures and results
  • Team and player information
  • A section devoted to youth basketball
  • A ‘training’ section offering tactical advice

USA Basketball

USA Basketball (USAB) is the FIBA approved governing body for basketball in the United States. USAB joined FIBA in 1934 and is the organisation responsible for formulating national teams for FIBA competitions and the Olympics.

The website offers:

  • Rules and regulations
  • A history of the sport
  • An events calendar
  • Useful links

The National Basketball Association

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most famous men’s professional basketball league in the world. NBA basketball is broadcast in 210 countries across the world. It is a member of USA Basketball. When the league was originally formed in New York in 1946, it was known as the Basketball Association of America, and did not adopt its current name until 1949.

The NBA website is a particularly good resource for basketball fans. It offers:

  • NBA fixtures and results
  • News including an archive of previous articles
  • Team and player statistics and rankings
  • Links to the ticket offices of major NBA teams
  • A photo gallery
  • Videos
  • An online store selling NBA merchandise
  • A ‘Fantasy Basketball’ section

Women’s National Basketball Association

While basketball has been popular in the United States since its invention in the 1890s, a league equivalent to the NBA for women was not founded until 1996. The WNBA was the name of the organisation set up to fill this void.

The WNBA website offers the same features as the NBA website

England Basketball

England Basketball is the FIBA Europe approved governing body of English basketball. The stated mission of the organisation is: “to create and increase access to sustainable, affordable and regular participation in basketball; to develop a structure which will enable all players to achieve their full potential in basketball and to improve international performance.”

England Basketball oversees the England Basketball Leagues. There are now four men’s divisions and two women’s divisions in the National League in addition to boy’s and girl’s teams for under 18s, under 16s, under15s, under 14s and under 13s. Over 400 teams and 6000 players are now registered with England Basketball.

The England Basketball website includes:

  • Latest news
  • An events calendar
  • Fixture information and results
  • An online store
  • Information about the British National team
  • Coaching information and advice for schools

British Basketball League

The British Basketball League was established in 1987 as a national men’s professional league.

The website includes:

  • News about the BBL Championships, Cup and Trophy
  • Statistics and information about teams and players
  • Links to ticket offices
  • Results and fixtures

Basketball Scotland

Basketball Scotland is the organisation which oversees the Scottish equivalent of the EBL; the Scottish Basketball League.

Its website is an important resource for:

  • Results and Fixtures for the Scottish Basketball League
  • General information about the sportsmanlike
  • Information for fans, players, coaches, clubs and schools

The Basketball Association of Wales

The Basketball Association of Wales is the most important resource for those who are interested in watching or playing basketball in Wales.

The website is useful for:

  • Information about youth basketball in Wales
  • Contact information for local clubs
  • Advice for coaches
  • Links to other websites of interest